American Aesthetic Association Presents

Masters Course in Liposuction

Course Fee: 5500$ (USD 5500)

Course Date

12 - 13 March 2019

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Scientific lecture, live demonstration & hands-on training for Liposuction & fat grafting. All courses
are taught by experienced Aesthetic physicians & surgeons. The training course will review relevant surgical anatomy, indications, patient selection  & preoperative preparations. Special emphasis will be placed on office tumescent liposuction by local anaesthesia and formula used. The course also
reviews the liposuction and fat grafting procedure with proper treatment protocols & treatment of
Discuss history and evolution of liposuction and fat graftingover the past 40 years
Identify relevant surgical anatomy for areas of treatment
Understand the unique demands of the cosmetic patient in 2018, in a highly competitive market, and how to distinguishyourself from the competition

 Conduct efficient consultation

 Discuss the basic concepts of laser lipolysis & begin to apply this knowledge in practice
Learn the concept of power assisted liposuction & available devices

Identify the various available machines and various wave lengths used for laser lipolysis

Discuss the improvement of fat grafting by platelet rich plasma
Learn Advanced fat Grafting Applications & Techniques

Describe the procedure with proper treatment protocols:
o             Liposuction of the Neck
o             Liposuction of the breast
o             Liposuction of the arms
o             Liposuction of the abdomen
o             Liposuction of the thighs
o             Techniques for face augmentation
o             Techniques for buttocks augmentation
o             Techniques for breast augmentation

Describe novel indications of laser lipolysis:
o             Treatment of lipomas with liposuction
o             Scarless reduction mammoplasty

Discuss postoperative care

Identify safety issues, potential complications of
liposuction & fat grafting, management


Dr. Ayman ElAttar, M.D.(USA)

Course Director
President of American Aesthetic Association