American Aesthetic Association Presents

Master Course in NANO Fat Grafting

Face & Hand, Breast, Buttocks

Course Fee: 4000$ (USD 4000)

CME credit hours offered

Course Date

10 - 11 March 2019

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• History and Evolution of Fat Transfer
• Surgical anatomy of the donor and recipients areas
• Consultation, Patient Selection
• Fat Graft Survival
• Pre-Operative Preparation
• Indications, Contraindications
• Consultation
• Medical Photography and Documentation
• Facility, Staffing, Supplies and Equipment
• Tumescent anesthesia safety and precautions
• Fat harvesting, Centrifugation and fat preparation
• Nano Fat placement techniques
• Postoperative care, Complications and How to avoid them
• Adipose derived stem cell technology the future

Live Demo

• Case 1 Face Fat graft
• Case 2 Hand Fat graft  
• Case 3 Brease Fat Graft 
• Case 4 Buttocks Fat Graft
• Case 5 Labia Majora


Dr. Ayman ElAttar, M.D.(USA)

Course Director
President of American Aesthetic Association